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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Mom! I'm coloring with Dani!"

"Mom! I'm coloring with Dani!"

Those are not the words you want to hear first thing in the morning as you're walking downstairs to get said small person out of her crib. Immediately I was terrified that Michaela had climbed into Dani's crib with her and they were making a mural of wall scribbles. Not good.

Imagine my happy surprise when I walked into the bedroom to find this instead! :)

Michaela had brought in a couple crayons and emptied out an XS box to share coloring with Dani.  She'd lift the box up to give the trapped baby a turn and then lower it onto her lap for some coloring herself.  So funny!

Taking turns looking at the camera for pictures... I hope this isn't a hint about how family photos will be for the rest of our lives. ;)

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dani and Danny (aka Pop) at Michaela's gymnastics thing last week.  To get Dani to look at the camera for a photo Aunt Gigi was waving a leaf over my shoulder. 

 You can tell she's got her eyes on the prize, or in this case, the leaf that is out of reach.

But wait! What's this?

A whole tree full of those wondrous leaves!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Michaela the Gymnast

Every Monday since the first of November, Michaela has had gymnastics class.  Now, we're not those parents who think we are raising the next Mary Lou Retton, but we are still very proud of her 3 year old skills.

We signed her up for the class as a fun way for her to learn some balance and coordination while interacting with other kids her age.  During the course of the class she also learned some valuable lessons about listening to adults who are in charge, paying attention, & following directions.

One of my proudest moments while watching her in class was when she overcame her fear of jumping from the 6 foot tall tower into the foam pit.  By February she was flying off that tower to land in the foam below and it was always her favorite way to end a class.

According to her coach she had really good body awareness and was able to make changes and adjustments to her different tasks from his directions alone and not just when he had to adjust her positioning for her.  She also learned some basic gymnastics skills which we got to go watch the other week as her coach took her through the different stations showing us her skills.


This was after Coach Chad helped her flip over the bar.

Butterfly.  She's holding on all by herself for about 20-30 seconds!

Ta-da! Michaela's lovely dismount after showing us her skills on the balance beam (or 'balance skeam' as she calls it).

Winner's platform with her trophy!

Lots of silliness with Pop, then Grandma and finally Aunt Gigi.  We did take a family photo, but there is no way that image will ever make it's way online.  Can you say unflattering?

Aunt Gigi and Dani.  Proof that Dani had watched Michaela show off her gymnastic skills again.  Dani has even learned how to do a somersault from watching Michaela in class and then practicing at home.

Afterwards we took everyone out for ice cream at Coldstone...

Having fun being silly with Dad

"I scream for ice cream!!!"

Who are we kidding, she just screams for fun. ;)  By the way, that cat piano is a new well-loved gift from Grandma (with some help in picking it out from Gigi) and is quite possibly the most annoying toy they've ever had.  It's fun, but has to regularly get banished to the toy room so I don't have to listen to them abuse the attached microphone.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Strawberries 2011 - Part 2

Well... we managed to go through 15 lbs of strawberries in about 10 days without making a single batch of jam.  The whole reason I'd gone to pick strawberries in the first place! (but those 15 lbs of strawberry shortcake made for some tasty dinners, and snacks... and breakfasts)

When we went back for round 2 I knew I would have to be a more efficient berry picker since I was going to have both girls with me.  Yes, Dani got to go on her very first trip to the strawberry field.  To say she enjoyed herself would be an understatement.

While Michaela once again befriended the girls working the U-Pick trailer Dani managed to eat a steady stream of strawberries as provided by her big sister and momma.

See for yourself why it took an entire package of baby wipes to get Dani clean enough to ride home.

By the way, this time I picked another 14 lbs. of berries myself and almost doubled that with another 8 quart flat that we bought from the barn.  Nearly 25 lbs of berries to eat here this weekend!!!

Yep.  That is Dani underneath all that strawberry pulp and juice.  I still need to hose out the nicely stained stroller.  Just look at her face though, you can see how much she's enjoying herself. :)

"Hmmmmm.... should I eat it? Or should I smash it and then eat it?"

Michaela is super cool with her water bottle.

Seriously.  All the cool kids drink from water bottles.

This is where Dani lost patience with 'cool' and demanded a drink.

"Ehhh, whatever.  I'm going to go make faces at mom."

The best part of this photo was that I had to edit out a booger that she'd wiped onto her cheek while I was picking berries.  Yeah, I didn't notice until later that afternoon that she'd wiped snot onto her face.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spaghetti Twins

Can you tell they're sisters?  I frequently will download a photo of Dani and notice how similar it looks to a photo of Michaela at the same age.  Here's my Spaghetti Twins.  Blonde little Michaela at 19 months and red-headed Dani at 16 months.

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