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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tight Fit

Michaela is usually the first one in to help get Dani up in the morning, or from naps.  It's adorable to hear Dani stop crying just because her big sister comes in to play and talk with her.

The other week I went in with Michaela at the same time and put her in the crib with Dani.  They were quite a tight fit, but had so much fun playing together for a few minutes.

There was so much giggling!!!

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Tea Party!

For Michaela's birthday she got a new table and chairs from Pop (aka Chris' dad).  It is a Crayola coloring table and is meant to be drawn on with dry erase markers.  Since I am not to keen on the idea of teaching Michaela to draw on the tables with markers I was reluctant to set up the table. 

I shouldn't have worried.  The table is now in her room, always set up for a tea party with Dani and her 'friends'.  Everybody has a special place at the tea party and if they get moved she puts them right back where they belong. 

This is a picture from her first set of tea parties. The rocking chair in the background as well as her baby high chair are constantly set at the table now too.  I just LOVE having fun little girls!!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Humble Pie Anyone?

The other week I admonished Chris for leaving Dani's cereal bowl within her reach while he walked away from her chair.  She ended up with a fist full of food and I had to clean her up.

A week later I was served a piece of humble pie when I did the same thing.  Only this time Dani didn't just stick her hand into her cereal bowl, she bathed herself in it.  After cleaning up the messiest baby ever, I promptly apologized to Chris for how I'd reacted. 

Enjoy my little slice of humble pie, served via a 9 month old mess maker...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michaela Turns 3!

Who can believe that Michaela is already 3 years old?  Some days it's hard for me be believe that she is a three year old little girl, other days I have no doubt (all you other moms who have ever had a three year old understand).

Anyway, now that she's three Michaela is getting more and more into learning.  She enjoys singing the phonetics song for all her letters (with her LeapFrog magnetic toy) and having a new letter of the day to learn words for.  We are introducing writing and tracing and she loves to do her workbooks.

Michaela has become the biggest helper around the house.  Most mornings she is the first one in to see Dani when she starts fussing and this week she has started making our bed when I'm not looking (yep, we're pretty lucky).  Every time Dani is walking around holding my hands Michaela wants to help.  It is pretty cute to see the girls walking along with Michaela helping Dani to balance as she goes.

We also just started gymnastic classes for her.  It has been fun watching Michaela learn to follow directions and use up some energy.  Last night she spent a good ten minutes showing Chris and I her new tumbling skills.

Here's some pictures from the party with her friends and with our family.  She had such a great time celebrating with everyone!

Michaela and Lili were taking turns tickling each other in their 'fort'. Silly girls!

This is the face of a little girl who has put her finger in every frosting balloon on her cake...

Pretty much sums up our life...

Can you believe this was before they had any sugar?  An impromptu dance party in the living room was tons of fun for the big kids!

You can see 9 out of 12 kids in this shot... crazy!!!

So excited to turn 3!

Michaela was so proud of her birthday cake, she helped mix the icing and decorate it.  There wasn't even any spit when she blew out the candles!

Aunt Gigi and Michaela were sharing their cake and ice cream.  Lots of giggles from these two. :)

Dylan was playing peek-a-boo with Dani between my legs.  He's going to be such a good big brother!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas (cards) on my mind...

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but there are certain things for Christmas that just need to be taken care of before the end of November.... For example, Christmas cards.  I have procrastinated before and hated the experience of making, addresing and mailing cards last minute.  Who needs that stress?  This year I'm looking early and am glad, because the process of just selecting what Christmas Photo Cards I want to order will be hard with all the cute choices I have seen (seriously, I have 6 different holiday cards bookmarked at right now).

Like this one.  In past years I've considered doing a "family letter" but just haven't had the motivation to make up photo cards and type and print a letter to mail with them.  A card that lets me do both? Score! (you can order this Family Letter card here)

And then this "Top Ten Moments.." card caught my attention.  Ummm... it's like my photo card and my family letter card had a baby and it didn't require me to write out as much.  Double score!!! I definitely have time to do a Top Ten from 2010.

And I was really set on doing a flat 5x7 card this year again until I saw their Merry Rainbow Christmas folded 5x7 card.  It lets me put another photo on the inside with a brief message.

You can see my dilemma... how do I choose?

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

Just over a week ago my Grandma turned 80 years old and we got to celebrate with her.  Thanks to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe for having us over with their family that night!  Michaela has long ago adopted my Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary as extra grandparents.  She LOVES to have sleepovers at their house, even though their youngest is now in high school.
After much thought I was excited that I figured out the perfect gift for Grandma, Kahlua and a bag of coffee. Yep, perfect gift.  In fact, she had it opened before we even left the party that night... :)

Michaela was very excited to help Great Grandma blow out her candles.

My nephew Dylan, acting goofy with his party hat.

Dani was perfectly content to hang out on Uncle Joe's lap playing with a plastic cup... until he started to eat his ice cream cake right in front of her and didn't share.  Then there was tears. (no joke)

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