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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green Beans

Let me tell you something about green beans.  Everyone here hates green beans except for me.  Chris, Michaela, and now Dani are all anti-green bean.  (Michaela will eat them only if they are fresh from a garden, and even then it's hit or miss.)

Here's some pictures from Dani's first time eating baby food.  It was green beans, and by the next day when I tried a second attempt at feeding green beans to Dani she would clamp her mouth closed tighter than Fort Knox.  She had the same reaction when I tried sweet peas, so maybe she's just not ready for baby food yet... a girl can hope, yeah?

So cute, even when making a face of total disgust. :)

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Summer Fun with the Williams Family

This past weekend we were able to get together with the Williams family for a grill out/pool party.  Here's a few photos from our fun day with the Williamses.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died before their kids came back outside so I couldn't get any pictures of the kids, just Ed and Jill.

Jill and Dani

Michaela in her 'fort' of a hammock swing and towels.

Uncle Eddie got to hold the sleepy baby until she fell asleep in his arms.  Dani is such a little cuddler!

Princess Eddie - Michaela's crown had to be worn to visit, so why not share? ;)

Thanks Ed & Jill for having us over that day - I only wish the first camera I had outside had been working when Chris had both our screaming girls in the pool all by himself. :)

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dani - 5 Months Old

It's hard to believe that Dani is 5 months old already! Here's some updates on what she's been up to...

Growing: Dani is getting so BIG! We've had to move her to 12 month pajamas and she's outgrown quite a few 6-9 month outfits.  Thankfully she still fits quite a few of them that she still fits since most of the 12 month clothes we had from Michaela were fall clothes.

Moving: She can roll all the way over from front to back or back to front and uses a little 'scoot' to help between those to move herself anywhere she wants to go.  I can't count the times I'll put Dani down on the rug and come back 2 minutes later to find her across the room (usually chewing on something other than her toys).

Eating: We successfully had baby cereal from a spoon this week!  I'm so excited because Dani was getting to the point where she was eating up to 40 oz. of formula a day just to fill up!

Schedule: Dani is one of those great babies who goes on a schedule really easily, but is very flexible to having us change it on her.  Right now she 4-5 times per day, takes a 1-3 hour morning and afternoon nap and sleeps 12 hours straight through at night.  Michaela had a very similar schedule at this age and I know I've been very blessed that Dani is so easy going as well.  

Personality: As she gets older and is able to do more her personality is coming through more and more.  Dani is a very happy and easy going baby, unless she needs something (i.e. food, diaper change, nap, snuggle...) but even then she's quickly back to her happy self once her current need is met.  She just adores her Daddy and big sister Michaela and will watch them with a smile on her face as they walk around the house.

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Princess Bike

We found Michaela a little Disney Princess bike that was just her size a few weeks ago at Once Upon A Child.  I finally got her a helmet and some pads (or 'patches' as she calls them) and Chris took her out for her first bike riding lesson.
 Right now Michaela doesn't quite understand that peddling is necessary for moving.  And why would she when there is a perfectly good Daddy around to push her. ;)

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Boat Parade 2010

Well, they've done it again... Here is the latest Rasch cousins' Pickerel/Kimbal Lake Association boat parade entry.  This year's theme was "Christmas in July" and the boat was themed more specifically to be "Grandpa's Misfits" (based on the Island of Misfit Toys) from the old "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" movie.

Michaela is the little one in the far back of the boat.

And yes, there is a dog on the roof.  Jack the dog was dressed the part complete with bells on his collar and a red nose thanks to Emily and a tube of red lipstick.

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