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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hockey, Hot Chocolate & Potty Training

Well, since it's been a while since I've posted any updates (due to the last of the three items listed in the title) I thought it was about time I caught everyone up on our lives...

On November 11 the Grand Rapids Griffins (our local AHL Hockey team) had a matinee game at 12 p.m.  Michaela and I made the trek down to see them with all the local school kids who went that day and we had a great time.  On our way Michaela tells me, "I wanna bang on the glass, Mommy."  She has begun her hockey training early and so we bought a ticket on the glass to watch the Griffins pull out a win on the last shooter of a shoot out.  With their Winning Wednesday program, we also won a free ticket to the next Wednesday game because the Griffins won on a Wednesday.  We'll be back with Daddy in tow for the December 9 game...

Micheala holding her hockey puck from Finn.  Micheala made a "Hi Griff" sign before we left, and it helped her get the attention of Griff & Finn, the mascots, during period breaks.

As one of her birthday presents, Michaela received a pair of PJs from her Aunt Gigi (aka Jamie), that say "I Love Hot Cocoa."  Michaela hadn't had any hot chocolate before that and a few weeks ago she decided it was about time she tried it.  She started informing me she wanted to "drink some real hot chocolate, not (the ones) on my pants." So, I got some packets and we had popcorn and hot chocolate for our girl's night while Chris was gone hunting.

And lastly (but most definitely not least), we have POTTY TRAINED!!!!! Yippee!!!! WOO HOO!!!!  I cannot express my excitement over not having to change dirty or stinky diapers for a couple months. :) We started potty training last Sunday the 15th and viola, 3 days later we had a potty trained 2 year old.  By day 4 we only had one accident and after that we even had a couple days of no accidents (until she figured out she technically could go in her underwear without the world ending).  We're back on the no accident train and loving it.  She'll even use the public toilets when I take her places, which is great since we do like to leave the house regularly.

Here is Michaela rocking out her 3 days of potty training outfit.  Socks, underwear, and a long sleeve shirt was all she wore. After we were ready to start wearing clothes again it took a little convincing to get her back into pants, especially since she liked being able to see her big girl underwear all the time. :)

For anyone who wants to know what we did to train her so quickly I recommend buying the e-book from  It was the method we used, although I did do a modified training of her for nights and naptime since she is still in a crib and can't get out on her own.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Watching Gaya

This year during apple harvest we helped watch my cousin Kelley's little girl, Gayatri.  Gaya is about 4 months younger than Michaela, and the two of them just loved playing together!  They'd even hold hands in the car sometimes when I took them on our mini excursions.  Kelley, Mischa, and Gaya have gone to Costa Rica for the winter and we probably won't see them again until next summer, so these pictures will have to hold us over until next year...

Michaela checking out Gaya while her Aunt Dana walked her around for some sleep.

Good thing Uncle Bruce had two rocking toys... much easier to make sure there aren't any fights. :)

Playing with the same Fisher Price Little People that their mommas used to play with.

Seeing Gaya wear a hat and borrowing one of Gaya's for the day helped convince Michaela that hats are okay for wearing.  She now has one of her own "like Gaya's" that she wears everywhere.

Eating lunch together at the counter.

Gaya getting harassed by her Uncle Jeffy... he came home for lunch on our last day together.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We had a very busy weekend here.  After visiting Cherry Valley Greenhouse on Friday during the day, we all went to a Griffins hockey game on Friday night with some friends.  Michaela LOVES hockey! It's really funny to hear a two year old little girl all dressed in pink talking about her hockey guys. :)

Here's a few snippets from our busy weekend... enjoy!

The girls were dressed up as princesses to cheer on their favorite hockey team.

Some friends had a Halloween/Housewarming party on Saturday night.  Here we all are in our super fab costumes.  (sorry the picture is so blurry, I forgot my camera and had to snag this from a friend's Facebook page)

Our friend Hilary gave the kiddos pumpkins and faces to play with on Saturday night.  Michaela figured out that it was easier for her to rearrange hers just using the holes we had already made.  Here is one of her Picasso-esqe renditions.

On Sunday we went to Robinette's for some fall fun.  Michaela loves to climb up into the old wagon that they converted into a slide for the kids.

And last but not least... Chris & Michaela saying "cheeeeese" to each other while enjoying some cider and apple fritters at Robinette's.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cherry Valley Greenhouse

Michaela and I went to Cherry Valley Greenhouse with a few friends on Friday for a playgroup.  We were all able to play inside on a very rainy day, and the kids had tons of fun with all the different activities available to them.  Since CVP has more attractions open on the weekends when they're busier, we also had the pleasure of having the place all to ourselves.

Right when we walked through the door the very friendly kittens came running to greet the kiddos.  Michaela couldn't get enough of them and did a great job being gentle when petting them. :)

Michaela and her friends Peyton and Owen, all petting one very tolerant kitten.

The giant sandbox filled with corn made for great entertainment.

And if you can't tell by her face, having the mini bounce house all to herself was FUN!!!

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